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SOUL – The Pure Wellness Supplement Product


SOUL is a ready-to-drink energy and health supplement drink by Rain International.

This proprietary drink is prepared with a blend of awesome natural seeds extract and components – black cumin seeds, raspberry seeds, chardonnay grape seeds and D-ribose.

It is a vital nutritious drink, which comes in a 2-ounce pack, and is proven to be a highly effective energy and nutritious drink to get you out of weakness instantly.


How to order Rain Product

Rain International doesn’t claim that it has discovered something great with SOUL. It is just a mix of some natural components that have been used for ages as ideal nutrition supplements.

As you have it, your body will get a lot of things aside from just boosting energy. It is proven to be a catalyst to enhance your immune system and sharpen your brain focus*.

SOUL Story

The Mother Nature offers endless properties to the humankind. To ensure better health the better solution is return to nature. You can rely on pure nutrients with great trust for your healthy life. Through SOUL, Rain International has infused some of the nature’s unique gifts to a packet to provide maximum health and wellness solution to its users.

It is an attempt to extract the essence of natural. The pack contains nothing other than what the nature gives you purely. The drink is not anything about mixing together some secret elements of the seeds. It is all about the blend of the nutritional compounds within each seed. SOUL is prepared by using a unique cold-press process to extract selected seeds.


SOUL Ingredients

As noted above, SOUL is a blend of three nutritious seeds and a sugar agent, called Ribose-D. Each of its ingredients is highly nutritious and healthy on its own, and once they blend together you get a wonderful nutritious drink. Below we check out health benefits of all its ingredients.

Black Cumin Seed

Black_cumin_seedsBlack cumin has been used by human beings to support their health for over 3000 years. It has a rich collection of antioxidants and more than 100 chemical compounds to boost your health. It is known as one of the important health plant extracts for human consumption.

Many studies have unveiled the huge proven health benefits of black cumin. Antioxidants and compounds in black cumin help maintain our health by enhancing production of bone marrow, natural interferon and immune cells. It is also helpful to maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels, making it one of the most useful herbal seeds in the world.

Black_RaspberryBlack Raspberry Seed

Black raspberry seeds mainly contain antioxidant-like phytonutrients that include ellagitannins and anthocyanins. These are the major elements included in SOUL to support our immune system.

Antioxidants in raspberry seeds are capable to get rid of cell-damaging substances, known as free radicals. Ellagitannins exist in any seed, but its presence in black raspberry seed if found to be in potent levels.

chardonnay-grapeChardonnay Grape Seed

Chardonnay grape seeds are a rich source of flavonoids dubbed proanthocyanidins, which are great for brain health. Well, proanthocyanidins are known for their free radical-quenching antioxidants and collagen-protecting qualities. They also effectively chelate iron ions that are great promoters of lipid peroxide, hydroxyl radical production and hydrogen peroxide.


It is the major energy booster in SOUL. D-Ribose, a five-carbon sugar naturally found in each cell of human body, is used in SOUL with a mix of oxygen and ATP (adenosine triphoshate) to energize each cell of your body. It is also present in RNA (ribonucleic acid), one of key information carriers of living organisms.

Your body usually gets fatigued as a result of many factors. Several things like free radicals due to exercise, excessive smoking, daily stress, excessive fat intake and aging may fatigue your body. It is here Ribose-D in SOUL works out. It refills energy in each cell of your body instantly so that you body can recover the weariness quite faster.


SOUL Benefits

    • Helps support healthy joints*
    • Relieves minor muscle pain after exercise*
    • Helps maintain a healthy immune system*
    • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Neutralizes free radicals*

SOUL Supplement Fact


SOUL Product Independent Research


SOUL Third Party Assay By Brunswick Lab




When am I supposed to take it?

You may take SOUL anytime of the day, though we recommend taking a SOUL in the morning and again at night.

SOUL -Why Should you Buy it

Put it simply, SOUL is a perfect supplement to support our health and wellness. To lively healthily, you should keep a sustained natural energy. How would you expect to keep it up? If you consume SOUL, your body gets all natural nutrients to ensure natural sustained energy. In this product, Rain International has made a potent concentration of natural sustaining energy so that you get great support for better health.

Your body will certainly feel stronger and healthy, because you take in the purest form of energy. SOUL is the first nutritional supplement that is based totally on seed nutrition. Rain International company has selected only the most powerful seeds and it is extracted in the company’s cold-press process. It is an all-in-one drink that can both keep your body healthy, and mind fresh for better thoughts.


SOUL – The flagship product

With SOUL, Rain International does make a difference. It is a superb nutritious seed drink and it also opens a business opportunity for you. It is marketed through direct selling marketing and so is a nice option to let people earn from home. For its users, SOUL is a perfect health supplement drink. It can give better maintain and support to our health. It also keeps our body and mind fresh and healthy.

SOUL consumer testimonials

In simple words, SOUL is a perfect supplement to maintain and support a number of  health conditions. They include increased muscle function, reduction of inflammation, building an energy reservoir and more.*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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