Rain International Company

Rain International Company

About The Company

Rain International is the original creator of seed-based nutrition. Our experts have gone to the source of plant nutrition to formulate products proven to support healthy lives.

We are proud to introduce seed-based nutrition to the world and prouder that we’ve translated our passion for helping people into a growing business that incentivizes sharing healthy products using healthy tactics, not pushy, in-your-face schemes.

We seek to make positive change wherever we have roots through our products, our people, and our non-profit, Seeds for Change Foundation, whose mission is to create self-sustainability through empowering the under-nourished, the under-served, and the under dog to overcome challenges as individuals and communities.

With our corporate headquarters in American Fork, Utah we are blessed to be located along the base of the “Silicon Slopes” in the Rocky Mountains. This allows us to be up-to-date with the latest research and technology while we enjoy some of the most celebrated outdoor recreation areas in the world. Our branches extend to our international offices in Hungary and Singapore with regional offices across the world.

 Why choose us?

Rain’s founders, Byron Belka and Danny Pang, began in network marketing as distributors and excelled to expert echelons. With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the network marketing industry, they worked across the globe establishing teams of thousands who’ve earned over $100 million. Upon discovering Rain’s flagship product, Soul, and experiencing the benefits of seed-based nutrition first and second hand, Byron and Danny knew that they had found an idea with great power to engender health and generate wealth.

Our executive team was built by Byron for its outstanding experience, synergistic skill set, and dogged dedication to Rain’s philosophy – it’s not about whether life’s cup is half full or half empty, it’s about being one who always fills it up. It’s that belief which keeps us accountable to the name Rain (that everything we do fills cups) and drives us toward triumph and transparency.

How Long Has Rain International Been Around?

We’ve been providing groundbreaking research and revolutionary nutritional supplement products to millions since 2011.

Is Rain International a Partner to a Larger, Parent Company?

Simply put, no. We’re a fully independent international entity with the freedom and ability to distribute our Seed Nutritive infused products across the globe! Thanks to recent acquisitions and continued impressive growth, our unique products are available to areas including North America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere.

How Can I Learn More About Joining Rain International?

Visit our Opportunity page to learn how you can enhance both your health and prosperity. Our leadership team is currently or have been distributors themselves. This is important to us as we take pride in being a company made by distributors, for distributors.

Please visit www.rainintl.com to learn more about Rain International Company.

Rain International

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