Are Rain’s products GMO approved?

GMO is an acronym for ‘genetically modified organism’. This product contains seeds which are non-GMO and was approved by 100% genetically unmodified human beings.

When am I supposed to take it?

You may take Soul and Core anytime of the day, though we recommend taking a Soul and Core in the morning and again at night.

How do I consume it?

Shake it up, tear off the perforated top, and guzzle! The real question is, would you eat it in a box with a fox?

Can I take both products at the same time?

Only if you want superpowers.

How do the products work together when taking both?

Each product contains ingredients that complement and magnify each other’s benefits. So, if you take both products together, the effects will be that much stronger.

Will it hurt me to take more than one a day?


What is Rain’s proprietary blend?

Nice try! Proprietary blends are basically secret formulas for products like Soul and Core. I can’t share this any more than you can giveaway grandma’s award winning chili recipe.

Am I supposed to mix the products with something or take them by themselves?

You can take each product as is. But since they taste good, some of our customers have been known to put it on toast, in smoothies, eat it frozen, etc.

What would be more beneficial, taking Soul or Core on an empty stomach or with foods?

It honestly doesn’t matter as long as you aren’t dehydrated while taking it. Many vitamins and minerals are water soluble, so it maximizes the benefits to be hydrated while taking Soul and Core.

Will Soul and Core help me with my health problems? What types of things do they heal?

While Soul and Core cannot claim to cure anything, they definitely can help promote health. In fact, almost no product “cures” illness–the body does. Both Soul and Core give needed nutrition to the body so it is able to maintain its own health.

Where do the seeds come from?

We source our seeds from non-GMO farms all over the world. Our seeds tell us travel is one of their favorite parts of the job.

Where are the products made?

The product is made in Springville, UT at Innovative Flexpak, a top-of-the-line manufacturing and packaging facility with a reputation for quality.

How long before the product expires?

Okay, let me brag a little. Our products will last until the date on the package, or about 18 months, without any unnatural preservatives! But do you really think they will go that long without being eaten? Inconceivable!

What is the difference between Soul and Core?

Soul likes long walks on the beach and Core prefers a rainy day in–oh, I see what you mean. Soul is primarily a powerful antioxidant that rejuvenates your body’s free-radical fighting potential and fights inflammation.  Take it when you have inflammation, need energy, or before or after a workout. Core gives you antioxidants plus greens. Take it in the morning and at night to get nearly all your necessary vitamins and minerals.

Can I apply Core or Soul on my skin?

As a dietary supplement, Soul was formulated for eating, and its safety and efficacy have only been studied for ingestion. Please consult your healthcare provider for any off-label use.

Can I give Soul or Core to my pet?

This one’s tricky. Each animal has distinct dietary restrictions determined by nature. Since Soul was created with humans in mind, you’d better check to make sure its ingredients are good for your pet.

Are our products Vegan?

Yes! (And gluten free too.)

What are the following ingredients derived from?

Trans-Resveratrol is a fancy word for a natural antioxidant in grapes.
Natural flavoring’s origins are in nature, purified, extracted and then put into food. Most of the concern about “natural flavoring” comes from the fact that this process is done in a lab or manufacturing facility–which doesn’t seem natural, but is necessary to meet clean food standards.
Purac Fit Plus 80 is a natural byproduct of fermented sugar and is also known as L-Lactic acid, a natural sweetener without the unhealthy effects of sugar.
Citric Acid is also known as Vitamin C, a sweetener and necessary nutrient without the negative effects or high calories of sugar.
Xanthan Gum is a plant-based thickener and stabilizer that binds Soul and Core’s ingredients together. In fact, many people who suffer from gluten-intolerance replace gluten with Xanthan Gum in their recipes for a healthier choice!
D-Ribose is a natural by-product of corn, and is a sugar produced by the human body that improves health and fitness.

What is the water base of Soul products?

Our water is filtered through a 3-step process (charcoal filter, UV light, reverse osmosis) and is sourced from an artesian well in Utah. But shhh, you’ll embarrass the other waters.

What does cold-pressed mean?

The cold-press process is the method that we use to make the nutrition in seeds more digestible by humans. A slow, grinding method extracts oils and flours from seeds at low temperatures to avoid burning up fragile nutrients.

Can I store Soul in the heat or in the cold?

You can store them at room temperature or even freeze ‘em. I think it tastes like a smoothie fresh out of the fridge! Avoid storing it at high temperatures to preserve the nutrition.

Are our products safe for consumption of children?

Yes, as long as your child doesn’t have allergies to any of the ingredients, which is uncommon. Always check first.

What type of juice is in Soul?

Evaporated Cane Juice, which is a natural sweetener.

Do we use sodium ferrocyanide in our products?


Are our products suitable for breastfeeding mothers?

Our products are not known to be harmful to breastfeeding mothers. However, as you would for any other supplement product, please consult with your primary care physician if you have any concerns before starting a new dietary supplement regimen.

Are our products safe to use while undergoing dialysis?

Our products are not known to be harmful to a person undergoing dialysis. However, as you would for any other supplement product, please consult with your primary care physician if you have any concerns before starting a new dietary supplement regimen.

How much of the Omega’s am I getting per packet of Soul?

It differs from packet to packet, because nutrition varies in nature too! For example, one apple may have 50MG of Iron, while the next apple on the tree could have 100MG. So, while we can’t determine a specific number because every seed is different, we can say that we’ve picked the best seeds with the best nutrients and put them into our products. Each recommended daily dose of Soul has the omega equivalent of a serving of fish.

How do you extract the black cumin seeds for Soul?

Our black cumin seeds are cold pressed in a large machine which slowly grinds them into nutrient-rich oils and flours the body can more easily absorb. Cold-pressing seeds is important in order to not burn up nutrients or cause toxins to enter the product. Cool huh?

Will Soul help my swelling go away?

Soul has been known to reduce inflammation, but every body is different (see what I did there)? Try it and let us know!

Business FAQ

Where is the corporate office?

The corporate office is located in American Fork, Utah. The address is:

Rain International

825 East 1180 South
Suite 310
American Fork, Utah 84003

What kind of automatic emails get send to the distributors and customers who have an account?

So you are aware, we here at corporate will send you the following emails that may apply.

Welcome email for both Rain Partners and Preferred Customers
New order notifications
Auto ship failures
Informational emails
New announcements

How do I stop corporate emails and text messages from being sent to me?

To stop emails you will click the unsubscribe selection at the bottom of an email received.

To stop text messages you will reply to the text: RAIN STOP

Why do I need to fill out the distributor application if I have already purchased a Rain Partner enrollment kit, and I have an active distributor account?

We ask that all distributors fill out and sign the distributor application, even if they have already purchased they’re initial enrollment kit order. We have to have this agreement document in each Rain Partner account for compliance purposes.

What is the return Policy?

On first box of either product (Core / Soul), return within 30 days of original purchase date and receive full refund for the product itself (subtotal).

For unopened unused boxes, we will purchase the product back up to 1 year however, a 10% restocking fee will apply.

** We never refund shipping cost

How old must you be to become a Rain Partner?

One must be at least 18 yrs. or older to be a distributor

What if I placed someone on the wrong leg?

If someone was accidently placed on the wrong leg, we can move the new Rain Partner if the sponsor is the one requesting the change. Also, the new enrollment cannot have a downline themselves, (anyone directly under them in the tree).

*The following procedure is required:

1. Please mail the placement change form with all required fields completed to: Rain International, Distributor Application Department, 825 E 1180 S, Suite 310, American Fork, UT 84003, or email to support@rainintl.com.

2. By completing and submitting this form, the Distributor below requests to be changed from his or her present Placement to the Placement identified on this form.

3. A Distributor may submit a Placement change request, free of charge, for a personally Sponsored Distributor within the first fifteen (15) days of enrollment with a reasonable explanation for the change.

4. A fee of Fifty Dollars ($50.00 USD or equivalent local currency) will be charged for each Placement change request submitted between sixteen (16) and thirty (30) days of enrollment. No Placement changes will be allowed after thirty (30) days past enrollment.

5. If approved, transferring Distributors should allow thirty (30) days after receipt of this completed form by the Company for processing and verifying change requests.

6. Changes in Placement may affect commissions and/or qualifications.

7. The Company reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to refuse any proposed Placement change

Can I sell my distributorship?

Yes you can.*

*The following procedure will be required: (Attach document)

To request authorization for a proposed sale, each party to the proposed sale must complete (including fully answering all questions), sign (original signatures only; no faxed or computer generated signatures), and date the: REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF SALE OR TRANSFER OF INDEPENDENT BUSINESS document.

Upon completion, mail the form and attachments (if any), together with the administrative fee, to Rain International, Legal Department, 825 E 1180 S, Suite 310, American Fork, UT. 84003.

Rain International may, at its discretion, request supporting documentation. Rain International reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to refuse authorization for any proposed sale or transfer. The sale or transfer of a Rain International Independent Business without prior written authorization is a violation of the Rain International Policies and Procedures and the transaction is voidable at the option of Rain International. Unless you receive specific written authorization and approval of the sale or transfer from Rain International, your request is deemed denied.

What are the natural flavors in both Soul and Core?

Soul – Pomegranate & Passion Fruit

Core – Peppermint

How are you supposed to take the product?

Some people may start taking 2-3 packets a day but it is really personally preference. Try taking a certain qty for a couple of weeks, then adjust it to your desired amount per day if necessary.

You are okay to have the product in the morning or evening. Also, it is fine to take with other food and or liquids: meals, water etc.

How does auto ship work?

Each account has one auto ship order per month. This is an order that you sent up during the enrollment process, and it will generate for the first time the following month after your enrollment month.

When setting up my account I get a dropdown that just has numbers in it, what does that mean?

This is you selecting which day you would like to have your auto ship orders processed and shipped out each month. This will also be the day we process the payment for the order.

Can I make adjustments to autoship?

Yes. You can adjust your auto ship at any time with no penalty. Adjusting qty, changing the auto ship date, or deactivating the auto ship must be done at least a full business day before your set day of the month

How do I deactivate the auto ship from my preferred customer or distributor account?

To deactivate your auto ship, this must be done through customer support by calling or email your request to your local Rain Intl. customer support office.

Email: support@rainintl.com
Phone: 855-724-6606

What is the difference with having 1 business center vs. having 3 business centers? How many business centers can I have?

You can have either 1 business center or all 3 business centers. The only difference is if you have all three business centers, you have the opportunity to earn greater commissions related to team commissions. Team commissions is the amount you can potentially earn from all of the distributors orders in the organization.

If your first order, you just purchase a kit with 1 business center, you can upgrade to a kit that has all 3 business centers at any time. If you do this within 60 days of your original purchase you can count the full amount of which you originally paid to the upgrade order and we will send you the remaining boxes.

If you do this after the 60 days payment of the full kit is required.

How do I receive my commissions?

Make sure your commission payout method has been set up. After a Rain Partner logs into their back office they should go to “My account”, scroll down to “commission payout” and select the “edit” button.

How can I track my orders?

You can track your orders by logging into your account. Go to: www.myrainoffice.com / enter in your user ID# and password, then select the “sign in” button. From there, go to the “orders tab”.

You will be able to see all of your orders that have generated in that account. Once the carriers tracking number is available under the word “tracking” and it will take you straight to their website to track the order.

When ordering online, why does it give me retail pricing instead of wholesale pricing, my auto ship is on in my account?

Online it will only give you retail pricing not wholesale for “standard orders”. To make sure you are paying the discount rate for those additional orders, you can contact customer support and we can manually place an order for you.

Can I place one time orders in my account?

Yes, you can place a onetime order in your account, have it shipped to a different address and pay with a different credit card. This information will not be saved for future orders.




Rain International

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